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one year closer to death

-the devil is a metaphor for the  inherent selfishness of humankind

-jesus represents the perfect human ( since he was perfectly attuned w/ god ) 

    -god represents bountiful energy, incalculable possibility, & genuine love

    -everyone has the ability to reach god / the almighty / the light

      -it is impossible to truly appreciate the light without acknowledging ( or in some cases ) embracing one’s inner dark

      -dyed-in-the-wool [insert major religion here] is too narrow of a view to be true

        -satanists are either a) really aware of what they’re doing or b) incredibly dumb

        -spirituality is much more significant than organized religion

          this is a pretty good summary of how i really feel about religious matters. no disses to anyone who does practice a major religion ( mainly true neo-paganism christianity )

          i also wanted to make it clear that the examination of the occult is all i’m interested in. practicing is an entirely different matter. ( unless i had the proper teacher ) devil worship is such a goth cliche. i’m really tired of hearing about it.

          why do i like this so much